Living Intuitively

Intuition is that instinct, that inner voice that gives you knowledge without conscious reasoning. This intuition, when cultivated, holds a strong power that can help you maximize your life. Your intuition gives you clarity because it provides insight into the best direction to move in when making choices throughout life, it gives you empowerment because it always has your back when facing the unknown and it is always with you even in the toughest of times. When nurtured, your intuition can provide security in decision-making and give you tolerance. It assists you in having a greater understanding of the world and in accepting truths that have yet to be scientifically proven. Yes, your intuition gives you all of this and more! Be open to that inner voice and see where it leads you.

The definition of intuitive eating is eating whilst listening to your body for your personalized cues surrounding what you should eat and when you should eat. With intuitive eating, your blood sugar will become more steady, your digestion will improve, you'll feel a boost with your concentration, sleeping patterns will regulate, stress levels will balance out, etc. There is a set of ten principles associated with intuitive eating that together we can work through to help you establish a new and different relationship with food and your body. Let’s talk about how to embrace your body and own your power.

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