About us

Hello & welcome! Here at seekingZEN, we are a community who strives to live ethically one day at a time. We are constantly developing positive growth & progress for ourselves on the inside & out, as well as being helping hands to the rest of our community. This is a place where everyone, from all walks of life, are embraced fully with open & loving arms. Let us collectively contribute on working together on getting back to our roots.

While shopping with us, our mission & promise to you is this - when it comes to our products: no animal shall be hurt, each human will be paid fairly, ingredients will be pure & the environment will not be harmed negatively. As the head buyer, my promise to you is that all products will be thoroughly researched & tested with this all taken into consideration.

My hope with seekingZEN is to break the old way of thinking & work towards a greater consciousness for all living beings. Stand up, stand apart, take part in changing the negative behaviors of society, be authentic, be genuine, be kind. Be the best version of yourself. Help guide others on that same path. Let us learn from one another. Let us take all the bad in this world & use it as a teacher for building a better future. Let us ultimately be the change we want to see in the world: we've stopped supporting the wrong companies & started supporting the right ones.

To meet the standards & moral code of this movement, everything here is ethically sourced. We are 'seekingZEN' together.